Sporting Communities runs weekly sessions across Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Cheshire. To see a full list of our activities please click on the timetables below.

Please note that our programmes are "Open Access Childcare", adhering to the Childcare Act 2008, Ofsted Early Years Registration Handbook and Play England's Open Access Play Provision. We also have additional sessions during the school holidays. Go to our Facebook page to keep up to date with all of our half term activities.

Participants attending these sessions require a consent form. Please complete one and bring it along to your, or your child(ren)'s first session. To download a consent form, please Consent Form.




Children leaving unsupervised — legal requirement

Children being able to leave unsupervised isnot an optional part of open access provision that providers can pick and choose. It is a legal requirement of the provision, setout in the Childcare Act 2008: ‘“Open access childcare” means childcare, other than childminding, under the arrangements for which a child, other than a young child [under 5 years old], may leave the premises unaccompanied.’ It is also included in the Ofsted Early Years Registration Handbook (Annex A, page 30).