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Giving a voice to young people on issues that are important to them and their community

What is MYVoice?

Funded by the National Community Lottery Fund, MYVoice is designed to give young people a voice, strengthen links between young people and youth organisations, build relationships with decision-makers and inspire young people to take social action, so that young people can have a stake in their community and their future.

Between 2023-2026 this project will focus on the Leek, Endon and Cheadle areas of the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Below are some of the MYVoice young people’s previous projects. 

Youth Innovation Conference

To address the lack of young people involved in decision-making processes nationally, the MYVoice young people initiated the UK’s first Youth Innovation Conference. Hosted at UA92 the conference involves young people and professionals in co-producing solutions to many of the pressing issues that young people face.

Staffordshire Youth Awards

Responding to the lack of recognition for young people, the MYVoice young people started the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Youth Awards. These Awards recognise the astounding achievements that young people aged 11-25 have accomplished each year at a special ceremony supported by local organisations and businesses. 

Cheadle Skate Park

After sharing the need for a skate park, young people from Cheadle helped to develop a skate park at Team Road Recreation Ground. They worked with the designers and builders to create a skate park that met the needs of young people within Cheadle and the surrounding areas.