Sporting Communities are community and social development specialists. We listen to the needs of communities and then offer a myriad of services to best support the individuals within that community or the community as a whole.
Our 4 strands listed below allow us to tailor services that engage, support and create sustainable, positive social change.

Sporting Communities provides a broad range of activities across a wide spectrum of sport, health and recreation to cater for the whole community.

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Creativity begins with people's imagination. It gives them an opportunity to develop confidence that can stimulate new and exciting opportunities.

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We provide a range of emotional and psychological support for communities to help children and families build their own resilience and self-confidence.

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Services require a sustainable and realistic approach. We offer training and support, providing the tools necessary to sustain programmes, groups and organisations.

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Award Winners/Finalist


“If I hadn’t got involved in Sporting Communities, I honestly believe I’d be behind bars by now.”

Dani started as a participant at Sporting Communities sessions in 2013. Coming from a disadvantaged community Dani faced a number of social challenges. She unfortunately also faced a number of health issues leading her to have a lot of anger and lack of coping strategies.

With Sporting Communities ongoing support, Dani has overcome a number of life barriers and instead developed the drive to make a difference within her community and inspire other young people. She is now a great role model, especially for young girls and in 2016 received the Children and Young People Now 'Children's Achievement Award'.

“I’ve definitely got more mature, I’d like to say. I’ve knuckled down more, I’ve focused on what I want to do.”

Ben and his friends found themselves causing trouble throughout the rest of the town and getting told off by the police. In his own words Ben thought that he was "just going to mess around all my life with my mates".

After working with Sporting Communities Ben began to turn his life around, helping to restart the local youth club that had closed down and inspire young people through a local heritage project. To read more, click on the video, or click here to go to the Heritage Lottery Fund's full article.

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As passionate supporters of the principal of all humanity being of equal value, we are proud to be associated with ASHA North Staffordshire, who support refugees and asylum seekers. For more information about ASHA, click on the above logo to go to their website. 

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