At Bipolar Lift, we provide all-round help for people with bipolar disorder and their families. Through emotional support and practical advice, the individuals we work with gain the tools to understand and better manage their condition and get back control of their lives.

The Bipolar Lift
The Bipolar Lift aims to provide holistic support for those living with bipolar disorder and their families. The organisation endeavours to improve the overall health and wellbeing of those individuals by providing both emotional and practical support, including talking therapy through one-to-one sessions or group therapy sessions, nature walks and excursions and support with personal finances. By providing complete support in those core areas of an individual’s life, the organisation aims to improve the person’s overall wellbeing and help them feel back in control of their lives.

The following services are available to those living in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

    • One to one sessions
    • Group support sessions
    • Walks
    • Visits to places of interest
    • Boat/River cruises

“I will never forget how much help The Bipolar Lift provided, they listened to me and even accompanied me to my psychiatrist appointments and helped in my recovery”

C: 07534 138512