As Sporting Communities we pride ourselves on working with children, young people and adults, either individually, in groups or with families, who may have a diverse range of issues, to help achieve positive outcomes in their lives.

We have staff with many years of experience working with young people and their families. There is a huge and wide variety of issues we have helped people with including, gang warfare, drug selling and taking, guns and knives issues, self doubt / depression, mental health challenges, bullying, weight issues, family concerns such as parents splitting up, domestic violence, alcohol and many more issues.

Through mentoring, we provide an opportunity for a vulnerable young person to form a trusting relationship with an experienced positive role model, who can motivate, guide and support them. Our mentoring programme supports young people who are struggling with an aspect within their life.

Our trained mentors are matched to a young person. Both mentor and mentee agree to participate together in the programme and participation is done so on a voluntary basis from the young person. Sporting Communities runs 2 different types of mentoring scheme:

6 week mentoring

For a young person who needs support with concerns such as their confidence, self esteem or identity. Mentors and mentees will meet up for 2 hours per week over a 6 week period to talk about the young persons concerns and put steps in place to address them.

Ongoing mentoring

For a young person who is struggling with an ongoing concern such as family or close relationships, loneliness, education, abuse or drugs and alcohol.

We also act as a referral agency for young people requiring additional support.

One young person we mentored explained "I'm leaving school doing something I love and getting paid for it, I feel very lucky and privileged, and a lot of that is down to you and your team!"