Support and donations

Supporting Communities accept donations to aid our community projects and support children and young people most in need.

We also recognise that people have vital skills that can help us to help others.

If you can help Sporting Communities in any way, it will make a huge difference to the people that we support.

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Want to raise money for a great cause?

Sporting communities organises fun, challenging corporate team building and fundraising exercises.

We also organise community fundraising events and activities.

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Cook, Eat, Play

No child should go hungry.

Our Cook, Eat, Play programme is part of the national Fit&Fed campaign and supports children and families so that they don't miss a meal during the school holidays.

We teach children and families how to prepare healthy, nutritious meals on a tight budget and bring the community together through food and free play.

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Mentoring and Counselling

Sporting Communities has within our team trained, highly skilled, professional mentors and counsellors who are here to support a range of different needs.

Our mentors and counsellors do not judge, they are there to offer support and help you to work through any concerns that you may have, or difficulties that you are facing.

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