At Sporting Communities we believe that age has no relevance to how youthful someone can feel. As an ageing population, it is ever more important to remain physically and mentally fit and well. We offer a range of sport, fitness and play exercises for older people that help them to do just that.

Our staff are trained to adapt games and activities to meet the needs of each individual so that everyone can be involved in our sessions. Our activities meet the Care Quality Commission's fundamental standards.

Health and wellbeing - We understand that maintaining health and wellbeing through meaningful activities can be a potentially time-consuming and costly target to meet. Our service allows the time and cost-restraints to alleviate without compromising the quality of care. Residents will be able to take part in fun and engaging activities that are not only adapted to empower residents, but to also help prevent falls, increase mental capacity and reduce social isolation.

Advocacy - This service provides individual support with regards benefits, rights, finances and wellbeing. Providing partial and effective voice for individuals who are struggling with deteriorating health conditions.

Community Resolve - We recognise that in all communities relationships are sometimes challenging. Resolving conflict requires an impartial response to achieve results. Our mediation service provides a process whereby cohesive relationships are encouraged.

Creativity - Arts and crafts provide both cognitive stimulation and physical dexterity. We provide a wide range of activities including drawing, painting and modelling for beginners, amongst other creative activities.