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Read Sporting Communities Director of Social Change's Internationally published article on Play by clicking on the link below.
Ross Podyma - The efficiency of playwork as a universal service
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"Play is an essential part of every child’s life. It is vital for the enjoyment of childhood as well as for social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. When children are asked about what they think is important in their lives, playing and friends are usually at the top of the list." Play England.

Play is an essential element of Sporting Communities' operations and gives children their first stake in their community. We believe that play is a vital life skill for not just children, but for all ages. Play brings people together in a way unlike any other and removes all of life's stressors and complications, replacing them with fun and freedom.

As an organisation we subscribe to Play England's Charter for Children's Play.

In 2016 Sporting Communities won the Children and Young People Now - Play Award.