Normanton Park

Normanton Park Sports Courts

The Normanton Park Sports Courts project is managed by Sporting Communities. Based in the beautiful Normanton Park, Derby City, these fantastic facilities are designed to provide safe, active spaces and play a vital role in creating opportunities for children, families and sports enthusiasts to take part in a range of different activities regardless of age or ability. 

The 2 courts are available to hire but also have dedicated open access times so that the community can access the courts for free. Sporting Communities also run a series of sports sessions for those who are inactive, lacking confidence in being physically active and who require supportive provision to prevent them from being lured into anti-social activities.


Opening hours

Courts are available to hire between the following hours:

Monday to Friday

09:00 – 15:00 and 16:30 – 22:00

Saturday to Sunday

08:00 – 23:00

The courts are open access between the following hours:

Monday to Friday

08:30 – 09:00

15:00 – 16:30

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Normanton Park Playzone

The Normanton Park Playzone project was funded by the Premier League, The FA and Government’s Football Foundation through Sport England as well as through Derby City Council via an external grant from the UK Government’s Levelling Up Parks Fund

The PlayZones Programme aims to engage with local communities to create outstanding sports and activity spaces and tackle inequalities in participation. 

Community Engagement is at the heart of the Playzone. Facilities are designed in partnership with local communities to ensure that the final design and surface works for football and other sports and activities identified for that area. The community input into the management of the space through a local steering group.

Normanton Park Cruyff Court

The Normanton Park Cruyff Court was funded by the Johan Cruyff Foundation, Derby Homes and Sporting Communities

The Johan Cruyff Foundation supports and develops impactful sports and play projects all around the world, focussing on children and youngsters for whom sport isn’t a guaranteed part of their lives.

Children need a safe place that encourages them to play outside. That’s what Cruyff Courts are: a safe place to get together and where children get to know the importance of togetherness, making friends, discovering your own talents, and winning and losing. These are valuable experiences that they carry with them as they develop physically and mentally, and as they move into society.

The 14 rules of Johan Cruyff are rules of conduct that must be followed and that everyone needs to hold each other to account. Themes like respect, teamwork, creativity, and initiative guide players to be aware of their responsibility and how to interact with each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a booking?

To make a booking, use the online booking calendar above. You’ll be able to see our live availability and then make and pay for your booking.

Accessing the courts

To access the Normanton Park Playzone you’ll make and pay for your booking through our website or via the Customer Portal. You’ll receive a booking confirmation email and an SMS with a unique entry code that will be active at the time of your booking. You can also view your access code in the Customer Portal. You’ll arrive at the venue at the time of your booking, enter your code into the keypad at the gate and you’ll be granted instant access to the facility.

The Normanton Park Cruyff Court can be accessed via an entry gate. 

How do I make a block booking?

To make a block booking, use the online booking calendar above. You’ll be able to see our live availability and then make and pay for your booking. Make sure that you select the ‘Block Booking’ toggle when making your booking.

How do I amend a booking?

If within our cancellation policy, you can amend your booking in the Customer Portal. Navigate to the bookings section and locate the specific booking or reservation that you wish to move or amend. Select the booking and choose the option to amend it. Then select a new date and time for the booking.

What if I can't get in?

If you need support Monday – Friday between 09:00 and 18:00, please call 0330 390 3330. If you require support outside of these hours, then please call 07734 230633

How do I cancel a booking?

Log in to your Customer Portal account and navigate to the bookings table to view your bookings. Select the specific booking you wish to cancel and access the order view for the selected booking. In the order view, locate and click on the “Cancel Bookings” tab. If applicable, the tab will display the items that can be cancelled.

How do I get a refund?

We understand that circumstances can change, and you may need to cancel or amend your sports facility booking. If you’re eligible for a refund, our system will automatically process it for you or apply it as credit towards your next unpaid booking. Please allow 7-10 working days for the refund to appear in the payment method you used.


Your responsibilities

Sporting Communities is a charitable organisation and these facilities are for the community and local people. It is our shared responsibility to take best care of the courts. 

Please ensure that no bikes / prams / other wheeled modes of transportation are used on the courts. 

No dogs, or other pets are allowed on the courts. 

Please ensure that you are wearing the correct footwear, take away your rubbish, or put it in the nearby bin. 

Please also report any issues with the courts to


These courts are open to all users and fully accessible. The surfaces are however unfortunately not suitable for sports that involve the use of wheelchairs or crutches.

No animals, other than guide dogs or assistance dogs are permitted on the courts. 

Open Access

We have allocated specific times in the day that the courts will be open access, meaning that they cannot be booked at those times and anyone wanting to play on the courts during the dedicated hours are welcome to do so. This may mean sharing the court with other users/groups, so please be considerate and courteous when using the courts.