Sporting Communities is an ethical, not for profit Community Interest Company.

Founded on 8th May 2012, we are committed to helping to develop communities and delivering cost-effective, timely and professional services.

Values and Philosophy
Having an applied belief and systematic approach to one’s behaviour based in knowledge, values and reason. Sporting Communities is an ethical company and as such examines its behaviour towards the outside world. It takes into consideration morality and ethical reasoning. For instance, the company has given itself a moral duty to conduct it’s operation within the following core principles:
•    To treat all with equality and dignity
•    To conduct all it’s business within a framework that is not detrimental to the lives of others or the environment
•    To act within law and not encourage, assist or collude with others engaged in conduct, which is dishonest, unprofessional or discriminatory.

Ethics within the workplace - To operate as an ethical company it is essential all employees agree to accept and work to the company’s code of ethics at all times during their work period. This is a condition of employment.

Ethics within the community - Communities are the most important part of what we're trying to achieve. We believe that to provide truly valued services, we must include the community in that process at every stage and be clear about what we can realistically achieve. Being principled and having integrity is critical in gaining a mutual trust.