Why chose us?

  • We are the 2016 Children and Young People National Award winner
  • We are academically published for play-work practice 
  • We are currently in the process of becoming an Ofsted registered organisation and meet Ofsted requirements in our provision
  • As a not for profit group, any surplus funds we have are invested back into local communities

Benefits to the school

  • Alleviates teaching pressures
  • More supported, trained teachers and break time supervisors
  • The school gains evidence to demonstrate Primary PE and School Sport Premium spend to Ofsted
  • Children obtain a high quality of PE and extra-curricular activity, which improves concentration and behaviour
  • Increased attainment and development of pupils learning
  • By choosing us, you will become associated members and linked with our national accreditations, meaning that the school can showcase that they are providing their pupils with the highest quality of provision possible

We also have a number of wrap around services that support schools and their pupils through health and wellbeing.

Ask us about the following programmes:

Extra-curricular activity 

  • Focus on vocational development
  • Pupil empowerment
  • Provision of equipment
  • A broad range of different activities available
  • Pathways to local sports clubs

Children are our greatest hope for the future and Sporting Communities firmly believes in ensuring that children have the greatest opportunity to achieve their potential.

As a leading organisation in the childcare field and recognised training academy, our staff are trained to provide high quality curriculum PE and extra-curricular programmes as well as supportive mentoring for teachers and break time supervisors. 

"Working with communities to learn how to serve them best"


  • Focus on learning and attainment objectives
  • Scheme of work and session plans that develop physical literacy and meet Ofsted requirements​
  • Set targets to help pupils achieve their potential
  • Monitor and assess the progress of your pupils in PE
  • Video analysis


Staff mentoring


  • Play-work trained staff supervised   by a teacher qualified staff member
  • Staff supported to deliver PE more effectively and confidently
  • Staff expand their skills and the range of activities that they can provide
  • Staff understand how to make best use of their school's facilities and equipment​