David Richards

Staffordshire Development Officer

they lived so that they had a sense of belonging and self-worth. HYP established a small but strong team of workers and in association with Keele University’s Adult Education Department organised over 30 national weekend seminars, which enabled workers and managers in related fields nationally to come together to hone and develop their practice. 

​It gladdens my heart to see Sporting Communities taking up HYP’s mantle and building on the  wealth of experience and knowledge in depth and the well-proven methods of work which HYP developed over the years. This has already manifested itself by key members of Sporting Communities, Ben Rigby and Ross Podyma, achieving awards and national recognition for well-run effective projects with young people. They are held in high regard in the local communities because they work with, rather than for people and take time to explore with them the values and principles in which their work is grounded. The Senior Director’s commitment to work with vulnerable young people and with local communities has never wavered. He is a strategic thinker who can harness his vision to deliver both micro and macro initiatives and his team is equally articulate about what motivates and drives them. They are all highly skilled, talented and professional. This is why I am more than pleased to become a Patron of Sporting Communities.

Meet the Team

Values and Philosophy
Having an applied belief and systematic approach to one’s behaviour based in knowledge, values and reason. Sporting Communities is an ethical company and as such examines its behaviour towards the outside world. It takes into consideration morality and ethical reasoning. For instance, the company has given itself a moral duty to conduct it’s operation within the following core principles:
•    To treat all with equality and dignity
•    To conduct all it’s business within a framework that is not detrimental to the lives of others or the environment  
•    To act within law and not encourage, assist or collude with others engaged in conduct, which is dishonest, unprofessional or discriminatory. 

Ethics within the workplace - To operate as an ethical company it is essential all employees agree to accept and work to the company’s code of ethics at all times during their work period. This is a condition of employment. 

Ethics within the community - Communities are the most important part of what we're trying to achieve. We believe that to provide truly valued services, we must include the community in that process at every stage and be clear about what we can realistically achieve. Being principled and having integrity is critical in gaining a mutual trust.

Sporting Communities is an ethical, not for profit Community Interest Company. 

Founded on 8th May 2012 by Ben Rigby, Kevin Sauntry and John Keates, each of whom have a strong affection for sport and helping to develop communities, we are committed passionately to delivering cost-effective, timely and professional services.

Danielle Pointon

Community Coach

Leadership Academy

Sporting Communities has been awarded Leadership Academy status from Sports Leaders UK

Sports Leadership courses are nationally recognised leadership awards and qualifications that help people to develop essential life skills such as organisation, motivation, communication and working with others. Courses are mainly practical and many learners can go on to develop into community volunteers and get paid employment such as coaching.

Policies and Procedures

Ross Podyma

Director of Social Change

David Walsh

Derbyshire Development Officer

Kevin Sauntry

Chief Executive Officer

"Working with communities to learn how to serve them best"

Sporting Communities adheres to the guidelines of the Data Protection Act 1998.

John Keates

​Financial Director

Ben Rigby

Managing Director

Angela Glendenning - Sporting Communities Patron

It gives me great pleasure to be Patron of Sporting Communities. The invitation takes me back to 1971 when Sporting Communities Senior Director, Kevin Sauntry, became the first worker to be employed by Hanley Youth Project (HYP) in Stoke-on-Trent. The project had been set-up by a group of local professional people concerned about young people who in those days we described as ‘un-clubbable.’ Working for the Probation Service I remained closely involved with HYP until the work was absorbed by the local authority. By this time HYP favoured early intervention to anchor youngsters in the place where       .